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Manjistha Jasud Rosehip Cold Processed Handmade Natural Organic Premium soap

Manjistha Jasud Rosehip Cold Processed Handmade Natural Organic Premium soap

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Coconut Oil, Castor Oil, Sesame Oil, Water, Sodium Hydroxide, Essential Oil- Geranium, Essential Oil- Rosehip, Manjistha, Jasud

Manjistha Jasud Rosehip premium soap bars formulated with Manjistha Jasud Rosehip and Essential oil Geranium is made through conventional method loaded with natural and organic ingredients. Manjitstha -anti-bacterial, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory. Glycosides present in Manjistha improves complexion and lighten dark spots.  Acts as a natural blood purifier and makes your skin glow. Best body wash for glowing skin, best soap for women.

Jasud-often touted to be a miracle flower, comes with natural anti-ageing properties, believe that it help to improve the skin's elasticity and prevent early signs of ageing naturally.

Rosehip help repair your skin after sun damage and can even reverse signs of aging caused by too much sun

Our homemade soap, handcrafted soap is the best ingredients for your natural skin.

  • improves complexion
  • makes your skin glow
  • improve the skin's elasticity
  • prevent early signs of ageing naturally
  • repair your skin after sun damage

Fynakaa bath soap are the best body soaps can be part of your daily skincare routine as body wash and face wash. Fynakaa skincare soaps a best soap for the skin are prepared following conventional soap making process, being a handmade soap and homemade soap it is formulated with natural and organic ingredients can say a natural soap and organic soap. Good bath soap is one which preserves and nourishes the skin. Fynakaa soap company making best soap for bathing is one stop destination for best body wash, good face wash and clean face wash.

Our soap is the best body wash for women, best hand wash and is the best skin whitening soap.  Women’s ultimate choice as best soap for skin whitening, as a Tan removal soap, skin lightening soap, skin brightening soap or best soap for glowing skin is all what we can say our soap is a good body wash for women more looked as best whitening soap.

Direction to use

Apply on Wet Body and Face, rub to produce Lather, then Wash Off.


Our Products are made with Natural Ingredients, and may change in Consistency, Color over a Period of Time or by Climatic change. Be sure to store the product in a cool and dry place.

We Care for your Safety and Highly Recommend you a Patch Test before Use, if any Irritation occurs, please stop usage of that Product

Customer Reviews

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Smit Choksi
Smit's Opinion

Looking at the photo displayed. I am becoming more and more enticed to buy this product and ask my parents for some.

Mitesh Soni
Awesome Soap

Smooth and perfect soap for skin for men

House of MG Manish Vaidya

Fynakaa Manjitstha Jasud Rosehip Cold Processed Handmade Natural Organic Premium soap

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